Political Innovation Office
Prepolitan Political Innovation Office is a permanent campaign incubator with the energy of a tech start-up and the experience of veteran campaign consultants. Staff, analysis, and technology are available to our clients the moment they decide to run for office. We assist in voter engagement, research, fundraising and advocacy when creating and structuring a campaign, we are gaining traction in political advocacy and will help make the campaigning process easy.
A political incubator that is revolutionizing progressive campaigns and the next generation of candidates. Recent election cycles have relied heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and campaign websites due to the growing use of social media and the internet. Our team use their collective skills to create predictive campaign models, digital platform for candidates, generate social media calendars, and produce posts complete with striking graphics. Social media has proved to be a key aspect of the campaigns we aide, and many candidates attribute their successful runs partly due to our social media skills.