Telecom Innovation Office
Prepolitan Telecom Innovation Office advances the measurement science underlying technologies ranging from the telecom networks that generate and process messages to the cutting edge IT cloud services. Our work establishes the metrological foundations for better solutions and more ubiquitous access amid rising telecom demand from governments and businesses. What do smartphones, radar, military and public-safety radios, satellite phones, mobile video, wearable devices, the Internet of things, and smart vehicles have in common?
Today they all depend on telecom integration. With insatiable demand from these and countless other wireless applications, there is an unprecedented crowding of the cloud solutions. With expertise honed over years of theoretical and experimental work in cloud solutions, electronics measurement and testing, Prepolitan Telecom Innovation Office serves as a SaaS provider to government and industries. We focus our efforts on three primary program areas, all of which are establishing vital technological foundations for the ongoing cloud revolution.