Information Innovation Office
Prepolitan explores game-changing technologies in the fields of information science and software to anticipate and create rapid shifts in the complex national security landscape. Challenges can occur in traditional domains such as politics, public services, markets, and economics, and in emerging domains such as cyber and other types of irregular industries or fields.
Prepolitan’s research portfolio is focused on anticipating new modes of challenges in these emerging areas and developing the concepts and tools necessary to provide decisive advantage for your business, politics or public strategy.

Telecom Innovation Office
Prepolitan Telecom Innovation Office advances the measurement science underlying technologies ranging from the telecom networks that generate and process messages to the cutting edge IT cloud services. Our work establishes the metrological foundations for better solutions and more ubiquitous access amid rising telecom demand from governments and businesses. What do smartphones, radar, military and public-safety radios, satellite phones, mobile video, wearable devices, the Internet of things, and smart vehicles have in common?
Today they all depend on telecom integration. With insatiable demand from these and countless other wireless applications, there is an unprecedented crowding of the cloud solutions. With expertise honed over years of theoretical and experimental work in cloud solutions, electronics measurement and testing, Prepolitan Telecom Innovation Office serves as a SaaS provider to government and industries. We focus our efforts on three primary program areas, all of which are establishing vital technological foundations for the ongoing cloud revolution.

Government Innovation Office
Smart Government are getting momentum, both in the national and international context, as shown by the large number of on-going activities on these specific topics. Many cities, have started programs aimed at achieving ambient sustainability, providing innovative services, involving citizens in the city governance, and promoting social inclusion. In few words, improving the quality of life.
• Citizen Centric Platforms and Strategies • Citizen Profile • Urban Security • E-government • Urban infrastructure development • Mobility, Transports, & Logistics • Inclusion • Health and Food • Climate & Environment Management • Tourism & Culture • Education

Political Innovation Office
Prepolitan Political Innovation Office is a permanent campaign incubator with the energy of a tech start-up and the experience of veteran campaign consultants. Staff, analysis, and technology are available to our clients the moment they decide to run for office. We assist in voter engagement, research, fundraising and advocacy when creating and structuring a campaign, we are gaining traction in political advocacy and will help make the campaigning process easy.
A political incubator that is revolutionizing progressive campaigns and the next generation of candidates. Recent election cycles have relied heavily on Facebook, Twitter, and campaign websites due to the growing use of social media and the internet. Our team use their collective skills to create predictive campaign models, digital platform for candidates, generate social media calendars, and produce posts complete with striking graphics. Social media has proved to be a key aspect of the campaigns we aide, and many candidates attribute their successful runs partly due to our social media skills.
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