Automate Business Processes
Instead of relying on your users to perform each part of a business process, you can automate it. The benefits are two-fold: your users can spend their time on other tasks, and you can trust that the process is always done just so.
Prepolitan offers tools to automate several kinds of business processes: marketing workflow processes, customer retargeting, approval processes, customer service based processes, and more. These tools don't require your team to write code—they're all point-and-click.

Integration Solutions
Prepolitan has deep expertise integrating with both cloud and legacy business systems and developing custom, value-added functionality on the Salesforce Platform anytime it’s needed. Our team applies leading development strategies to build everything from custom extensions of sales, marketing and service solutions to integrations with existing on-premise and cloud-based enterprise applications.
Our proprietary technology-driven method includes substantial IP, a Prepolitan lifecycle management solution, and horizontal and vertical market accelerators that shorten time to value for clients.

Cloud Governance
Prepolitan enables a heightened pace of innovation. Yet the rapidly changing needs of your customers, coupled with the rate of technology change, can make it difficult to balance the competing needs of your business. Our cloud governance services are designed to increase the speed of innovation inside your organization.
We provide the alignment framework and our Prepolitan lifecycle management solution, to help you automate and optimize ongoing innovation. Together these solutions allow you to introduce new functionality and processes that drive competitive advantage and fuel customer and employee engagement.

Analytics & Augmented Intelligence
Prepolitan has a dedicated practice to help clients rapidly deploy the combined Augmented Intelligence (AI) capabilities. We embed actionable insights directly into workflows to enable employees to make smarter decisions faster.
With our expertise in IoT and Data Science, we design and implement solutions to make AI a reality throughout your organization.

Change Management & Learning
While many companies traditionally focus on driving technology adoption, we focus on employee engagement. Our multifaceted approach to Change Management aligns your business goals with user needs. We begin by shadowing your employees using our mobile benchmarking tool and create comprehensive, actionable reports that make it easy for you to see which Salesforce enhancements will impact your users.
Our flipped classroom learning teaches employees about the new solution and prepares them to use it. We offer customized Made To Go! and eLearning solutions, helping employees embrace new solutions with hands-on sessions that scale to support you anywhere, anytime. Our dynamic approach drives employee engagement and ensures technology improves employee effectiveness and business performance.
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